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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Jado Kuin Do benefit me?

Jado Kuin Do benefits all people who practice it in many ways. Jado Kuin Do is an extremely effective martial art to learn for every day life and competing in competitions. All Jado Kuin Do techniques are very practical and have been used, tried and tested. Emphasis is placed on confidence, discipline, coordination and balance. It is a very versatile martial art (See the Jado Kuin Do page for more details).

How old must my children be before they can start Jado Kuin Do?

Depending on the club and the ability of the child; children as young as three years old may start Jado Kuin Do. Our junior syllabus has been specifically designed for young children and is not just a truncated version of the adult syllabus. Young children will receive the best possible tuition which will improve their fitness, motor-coordination skills and mental discipline. Please contact our head office and we will do our best to find a club suitable for you.

Do I have to be fit before I join?

No, Jado Kuin Do will improve you fitness and body conditioning.

Do I have to be flexible?

No, Jado Kuin Do will help improve your flexibility, and progression through the martial art does not depend on flexibility.

Are children and adults taught together?

Usually classes are split into adults and juniors. The communication and physical skills of children are different to those of adults. Consequently the teaching strategies employed are different between the two groups to maximise learning. Although they generally do not train together, many instructors operate back to back children and adult classes to make family training more manageable.

Will I be able to defend myself and be more confident?

Yes! as you progress through the syllabus the skills you will learn will enable you to react to a multitude of attack situations giving you the physical and metal competence to use blocks, restraints, kicks and punches to your advantage.

Do I have to be big and strong?

No, Jado Kuin Do is not dependant on brute strength and size, meaning that a student practicing Jado Kuin Do is capable of out maneuvering a bigger and stronger attacker.

Do I have to grade (take belts)?

No, it is purely optional. A belt is a visual sign of how advanced an individual is, and recognition of the effort they have given. It is also a way of setting goals for students. Goal setting is important in respect of self development and student progression. If you are happy not to grade we are happy to have you as a member.

Could I achieve my black belt?

Yes! a black belt is a symbol of sound knowledge, precise physical execution and technical competancy. This means the black belt is there to be achieved by anybody who wishes to learn, work smart and progress through the WJO system; regardless of age, size, and gender. Each belt has a carefully designed step by step pathway giving the practitioner manageable thus challenging expertise and knowledge. The WJO Black belt is there for people who wish to work for it.

Do I have to enter competitions?

No, entering competitions is totally optional. Competitions are held regionally, nationally and internationally and are split between male and female, age, height, weight and experience. Competition is a good opportunity for the student to apply some of the techniques they have learned, in a controlled safe environment.

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