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WJO Grade Order

1st Grade – White

Signifies the beginning of your journey, a stage of inexperience such as that of the novice student with no prior knowledge of Jado Kuin Do.

2nd Grade – Yellow

Signifies the sun that grows the plant as the Jado Kuin Do seed is laid.

3rd Grade – Orange

Signifies the maturing of yellow and the student’s Jado Kuin Do Knowledge.

4th Grade – Red

Signifies danger, reminding the student to operate with self control as they begin to learn more advanced techniques. It also informs opponents that the skill levels are increasing.

5th Grade – Green

Signifies further growth of the Jado Kuin Do plant. As the plant begins to develop, so does the student’s skill and proficiency.

6th Grade – Blue

Signifies the sky, towards which the Jado Kuin Do plant begins to grow and mature into a towering tree.

7th Grade – Purple

Signifies a calm, positive aura in reference to mindset in preparation for the advanced training about to embarked upon.

8th, 9th 10th Grade – Brown

Brown is the final colour before the much coveted Black belt. From here, the training changes and practitioners learn how to become Black Belts. There are three stages of the brown belt: the Brown belt itself, the 1st TAG and the 2nd TAG. Each level is designed to guide practitioner along step by step in preparation for the black belt grading.

11th Grade – BLACK BELT

The black belt is the opposite to white, signifying both maturity and proficiency in Jado Kuin Do. It also symbolises the wearer’s imperviousness to darkness and fear. The Jado Kuin Do Black Belt symbolises many hours of training and concentration that is needed to achieve such an honour. This belt is not obtained easily and is always be worn with pride.


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