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Jado Super J’s

Welcome to the Jado Super Js Programme for younger learners aged between 3-6 yrs of age

Jado_animal_family copyJpeg

This fun and exciting class follows an age specific curriculum that has been designed for our youngest students aged between 3-6 years old. Super ‘J’s specialises in learning through play which involves: balance, co-ordination, teamwork, movement, concentration skills, inclusion and achievement. A fun, vibrant and enriching, yet disciplined  class for young people.

Syllabus – What will they learn?

The Super Js syllabus is delivered in a fun yet disciplined manner facilitating learning:

  • through play
  • through team work
  • individually
  • being responsible for your own actions

These 4 elements run throughout the syllabus:

  1. Creativity
  2. Communication
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Collaboration

The syllabus is based on Learning through Fun and is split into 5 Animal awards:

  • SuperJsGirl_400pxSnake
  • Tiger
  • Crane
  • Panther
  • Dragon

This makes the syllabus more manageable and digestible for younger people. Each Animal level is progressive and contains the basic skills needed to prepare a younger person for their next grade and eventually the full White Belt grading. When the Super Js programme has been completed the learners will then be ready to progress onto the ‘Confident Kidz’ programme to further their learning.

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