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What is Jado Kuin Do?


Jado Kuin Do is a unique, progressive martial art, based on scientific principles and developed to promote life skills, optimum health and self-defence for the whole family.

Jado Kuin Do was created by Master Jake D. Ogden in 1998 after two decades of martial arts study. Originally Jado Kuin Do was taught ‘closed door’ to Master Ogden’s family, his small fighting squad and close friends only. In 2004, following a discussion with a local resident in Flore (Northants) who’d expressed an interest in learning a martial art for confidence and self protection for themselves and their family, Master Ogden was persuaded to open a local club and teach publicly to cater for the needs of the locals.  After only a short period of the club being open, Master Ogden decided to dedicate his life to delivering Jado Kuin Do to benefit as many people as possible in the way that martial arts had benefitted him.

The first Jado Kuin Do school was opened in Flore Village, Northamptonshire and very soon after that in neighbouring villages, towns and cities to cope with the demand. Today Jado Kuin Do schools continue to open across the country benefiting many people from all walks of life.

Jado Kuin Do’s natural, easy-to-learn, sequential movements optimise the body’s force producing ability along with encouraging the enhancement of the body’s fine and gross motor skills. This results in improved co-ordination, balance and efficient energy use, but more importantly increases health, mentally as well as physically. It is a unique programme of self discovery, confidence building, goal setting and achievement.

Literally translated, Jado is an acronym of Master Jake D. Ogden’s name;  Kuin stands for ‘family style’ and Do means ‘art’ or ‘the way’.

Jado Kuin Do is much more than just punching, kicking and physical exercise. It gives people additional skills such as awareness, self discipline, confidence, mental guidance and philosophical values. It is a seemingly simple yet complex, practical martial art which improves strength, speed and power coupled with sensitivity, accuracy and grace. All of these elements collectively will assist you in your never ending circle of learning, self discovery and internal calm. Jado Kuin Do includes the physical practice of specific movements and mental thought processes which have been devised into a complete mental, physical and spiritual system of self defence.


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