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Oxfordshire Acadamies of Jado Kuin Do In the community

Oxfordshire Acadamies of Jado Kuin Do In the community

Joining one of our academies really can offer a lot more than meets the eye!

In the School/Kwoon stand a group of people, people with different back grounds, abilities age, size, colour and religion. They work hard as students to learn the art form. They motivate, support and encourage one another week on week.  Take them out of class and the same ethos applies – welcome to ‘Jado in the community’

We really do have the most amazing times out in the community promoting Jado Kuin Do and taking part in fundraising events for local charities. If there is an idea for a charity fundraiser or promotion day invariably the majority of the class will get on board!

We have done a mile for comic relief dressed in belts and sparring kit, run 5K for Diabetes UK, we have adorned our Santa suits (yes, with beards and our Jado belts too!) in aid of Catherine house hospice. The Christmas atmosphere was fabulous at this event and there really was a great sense of community in the air (as well as the smell of mince pies!). The children thought it was really fantastic, after all where else would they see hundreds of Santa’s all in one place!  We are, of course, already signed up for the 2013 Santa run!

2013 saw our first Jado Wolf Run.  With around 20 students participating in this gruelling 10k we raised over £3,900 for Helen & Douglas house hospice!  Students organised to train regularly outside of class together. This event really did require teamwork, encouragement and support. Despite the different levels of age, ability and fitness everyone stuck together pulling and pushing each other across, under, over and through some tricky obstacles and a lot of muddy water!  Many of our students have said that they would never have entered such a challenge before joining Jado Kuin Do. We also had students supporting us at the start and finish lines to spur us on – what a team!

Some of our students have since been back again and we are already in the process of planning the April 2014 Wolf run in larger numbers!

So as not to leave the children out, they were later to enjoy a ‘mud run’ of their own! 

They got to experience similar challenges and have lots of fun on a course designed especially for them!  A great family day out!

From Canal days to Mayors Sunday’s our students come together with a great sense of pride and community spirit (oh… and sometimes a picnic too!) to hand out leaflets, chat to potential new students and partake in demonstrations.

Students not only support each other tremendously in class, and through their gradings, but also enjoy many events outside of the class environment too. From family camping, abseiling, or a meal out to celebrate Christmas together, so many of our students have become great friends and faced their fears together.  Of course, it’s not for everyone, and that is absolutely fine too, but if you wanted to be involved in any of the community events the door is always open.

In support of one of our students with Tourettes we have also attended a Tourettes awareness day. This helped with our own understanding of the condition by giving us a greater insight of what our student deals with on a daily basis. We were delighted also to be invited to talk live on BBC radio Oxford to explain how Tourettes is managed within the class environment. This interview hopefully reinforced that Jado Kuin Do is open to everyone and  does not exclude children, or adults, with conditions or disabilities.

Exercise the body, exercise the mind, meet new people and have some fun

– A winning combination!

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