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Sparring Kit

Sparring Kit

Dear Student / Parent / Guardian

As you/your child progresses further into martial arts training, you/they will be required to show and apply the skills they/you have learnt in a spontaneous yet controlled environment with a partner. This is done through an activity called sparring

Sparring is essential to a student’s martial arts development as it gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills on a moving target. Sparring is also an excellent way of working on and developing a student’s movement, speed, motor skills, timing, co-ordination, balance and confidence.

Protective wear is imperative when students are sparring to maximise safety. All students will need a head guard, gum shield, shin protectors, foot protectors, hand guards, groin protectors; all of which can be purchased from from or from your instructor. This may be purchased one item at a time over a periods of weeks or months, or all at once and take advantage of a discount.
All protective wear must be approved by your instructor.

Protective wear is used to maximise your / your child’s safety.

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